Introducing The Gospel Pillars Online Church

Have you been an ardent follower of the ministry of Dr. Isaiah Wealth online?

Do you reside in a country or location where Gospel Pillars Church isn’t yet present?

Would you like to become a member of Gospel Pillars Church and enjoy numerous membership benefits online?

gospel pillars online church

Then, the Gospel Pillars Online Church is for you.

The Gospel Pillars Online Church brings pastoral care and covering to Gospel Pillars who reside in countries and locations where Gospel Pillars Churches are not yet present.

As a member of the Gospel Pillars Online Church, you would have the unique opportunity to

– Participate actively in every service and fellowship with other Gospel Pillars from around the world in our online fellowship units.
– Receive latest updates and resources from the ministry of Dr. Isaiah Wealth.
– Enjoy pastoral covering and have access to one on pastoral counselling sessions.
– Receive prompt notifications about upcoming programmes and events near you.
– Get the Daily Devotionals and other publications from Dr. Isaiah Wealth delivered to your phone daily.
– Get testimonies from other Gospel Pillars around the world.
– Have the unique honour of speaking with the Man of God, Dr. Isaiah Wealth.